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2021 Race for the Trailer Team Barrel Race Open Sidepot

  • Entry fees will be $20 a person/$60 Team
  • The Team must consist of three barrel racers entered in the Open 5D race, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (MUST ENTER ALL THREE DAYS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR TEAM RACE)
  • Each person can enter three times.
  • You can choose one team member then draw one. You can also enter as a "draw only" and draw two.
  • Books open at 10:00 AM on Friday and close at 4:00 PM Friday. We will then draw for remaining team members and post teams by 4:30PM.
  • Once teams are posted, we will then Calcutta the teams prior to the Youth race, followed by the Open, starting at 6:00PM.
  • 50% of the Calcutta pot will go to the winning bidders, 40% of the pot will be added money to the team barrel race and 10% will go to the yearly New Mexico Cancer Fund.
  • If one of the drawn team members does not want to pay their $20, the money he or she wins will also be given to yearly special charity.
  • Payout for Team Race will be based on the total money won by the team, for all three days in the Open 5-D.
  • Bracelets will be awarded to all three members of the winning team.