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UPDATE: RHR & Covid 19 Plan

Everyone will have to enter and pay their fees online including exhibitions.

The office will be closed to contestants and no money can change hands.

The draw for pre-entries will be posted Thursday night on All
results will be posted at the end of each race on also on

We will take late entries until one hour before the race starts each day. 

You still need to enter online and state that you will pay off line.

You can pay when you get here, We will have a payment box by the the office.  Please wear a mask if possible when entering the office area.

You must have a current W-9 on file to receive your check. We will
have forms available.

We are asking that you all do not congregate in the arenas and keep 6 ft
distancing unless it’s an immediate family member.
Spread out as much as possible.

Parking lots use social distancing and consideration to neighbors. We suggest 12 feet if possible.