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RHR & Covid 19 Plan

Our RHR Saddle Series Race #2 will be this weekend. We will use the same format
as all other races but we will have some Covid-19 Social Distancing Guidelines.

Everyone will have to enter and pay their fees online including exhibitions. When
you enter you can comment what time slot you would like to be in for exhibitions
and we will try to accommodate you as best we can (first enter first served.) The
office will be closed to contestants and no money can change hands.

The draw for pre-entries will be posted Thursday night on All
results will be posted at the end of each race on also on We will
take late entries online until Friday night at mid-night. All checks will be mailed
out Monday. You must have a current W-9 on file to receive your check. We will
have forms available.

We are asking that you all do not congregate in the arenas and keep 6 ft
distancing unless it’s an immediate family member. You may have someone film
for you then leave the arena.
We have 20 acres of land to park on; spread out as much as possible. Parking lots
use social distancing and consideration to neighbors.

Hopefully one of these days things will be back to normal again. Thanks for your