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  • The Arena from the Stands
  • The Arena Floor
  • The Arena Complex from the Alfalfa Fields
  • The Arena Complex and Stalls
  • Stalls for Visiting Horses
  • Arena Stands for Events and Contestants
  • The Stock Yard and Exercise Area

Welcome to Rockin Horse Ranch!

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  • Premier Barrel Racing
  • Full Services Arena
  • Hay Sales (by Wright Farms)
  • Farm & Ranch Expertise

April 10 - 11 and May 22 - 23 Races

Race starts at 1:00P on Saturday and 11:00A on Sunday.

Exhibitions start at 10:00A on Saturday and 9:00A on Sunday.

Everyone must enter online and you can pay online or offline when you get here. Enter on Wednesday before the race to avoid late charge.