2015 Race for the Trailer

Written by Stephen Balke. Posted in News

Rules for Team Barrel Race

*   Enter fee will be $20 a person/$60 a team.  

*   The Team must consist of three barrel racers entered in the open 5D, Friday,    Saturday and Sunday.

*   Each person can enter three times.

*   You can choose one team member then draw one.  You can also enter as a “draw only” and draw two.

*   Each contestant’s name will be put in the draw when you enter the Open barrel race.  If your name is drawn you will be added to a team. If, when your name is drawn, you elect to pay the $20 entry fee, you share in any winnings; if you choose not to pay, no money will be awarded to you.

*  Books close for the team race at 5pm on Friday.  We will then draw for remaining team members and post teams by 5:30pm.

*   Once teams are posted, we will then Calcutta the teams prior to the Open race starting at 7pm.

*   60% of the Calcutta pot will go to the winning bidder and the other 40% of the pot will  be added money to the team barrel race

*   Payout for Team Race will be based on the total money won, for the team, for all three days in the Open 5D only. 

*   Tres Rios Bracelets will be awarded to the winning team. 

Download the entry blank below!


Download this file (20150728 3 Day Race for the Trailer Web Form.pdf)Race for the Trailer 2015[Computer Friendly (Type in Your Info) Entry Blank]494 kB
Download this file (20150728 3 Day Race for the Trailer.pdf)Race for the Trailer 2015[Printable Entry Blank]473 kB